Hey guys!  Well, my first deadline for the release of my book has come and gone. “Early 2017” has passed and my book is still in the editing phase…The second editing phase.  Life has taken priority and has put the book a bit on the back burner for the moment but still very excited to release it.

I have changed the name and the subtitle for the moment.  Before, it was “The Doctor is Out.”  Then someone asked me if I was gay, and “coming out” meant, “out of the closet.”  “hmmm?” I thought.  Good point.  This is why we have third parties review our seemingly “genius” ideas.  I agreed, not about being gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that – see video), but that I should rethink the name.  

I have given it some thought and have come up with the title “A Bitter Pill” or “The Bitter Pill.” How a broken healthcare system inspired one doctor to make patients the priority again.

So, there you go.  It’s in progress. The cover is in process and have some great ideas.

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Be well!


Dr. Mike

About the author

I am a Board Certified Family Practice Physician (MD) that has a passion for the proper treatment of patients. We are more than just our physical beings. We are complex and the current medical climate is failing both patients and physicians. As a new author, I feel passionately about letting everyone know how the system is failing us, moreover, how to overcome these barriers!
Michael Lewis, MD
I am board certified in family medicine and passionate about caring for the whole patient: mind, body, spirit. I am married to a wonderful woman Jenniffer, who is a clinical psychologist and works right here in Willow Medical Center. I have a 7-year-old daughter, Bailey who is the light of my life. I am a soul searcher for myself and others. I also love to help men reach their potential as a conscious male. I am also a musician/guitarist. I have found that nurturing this part of my brain helps me think out of the proverbial box and provide better medicine.