Q: What is Concierge Medicine?

A: Concierge medicine, boutique medicine and direct practices are all terms used to describe a new form of medicine in which patients pay a doctor directly for enhanced medical care. Read more about Concierge Care and how Dr. Lewis provides the best care possible

Q: So you don’t take any insurance, right?

A: Correct. I advocate for one person and one person only in my practice; that is my patient. I am not an advocate for any insurance company and I do not have input from their “medical directors,” who are hired by the company to limit testing and increase the profit margins of the insurance carrier. 

Q: What’s going to be different about the care I receive from Dr. Lewis?

A: There are many differences between our clinic and the one you’re probably used to visiting. We explain how we operate with youthe patientin mind, here.

Q: I’ve heard Concierge Care is only for the very wealthy. Is this true?

A: There are many misconceptions about Concierge Medicine.  Check out Myths & Realities of concierge practices.

Q: I don’t want to be completely uninsured…if I pay for Concierge Care, what type of insurance do you suggest I carry?

A: Everyone in a concierge practice must have at least catastrophic medical insurance. Concierge medicine is not a substitute for insurance. Most of my patients carry traditional insurance to cover all of their other medical expenses, but some have a high-deductible medical insurance plan with a Health Savings Account. This is what I have to cover myself and my family.

Q: How much are Dr. Lewis’ services going to cost me?

A: The monthly fee varies from $133 to $233.  A 15% discount for families.  See Pricing plans

Q: How often am I allowed to see my doctor?

A: There are no limits on the number of times that you can see the doctor.

Q: If I become seriously ill, what are the advantages of having a personal doctor?

A: First, you can be seen on the same day for any acute medical problem. We leave spots open every day for unplanned urgencies or emergencies. Unlike most medical practices, you will not be handed off to a “hospitalist” when you are seriously ill. When you most need him, your personal doctor will be there for you.

Q: What if I need medicines?

A: Dr. Lewis will bottle most medications on site while you wait.  He keeps over 120 meds ready to be filled  in the office.  This will save you not only a trip to the pharmacy (in most cases) but lots of money as well.  Most prescriptions vary between $2 – $6 per prescription.  Some are more and some are LESS!  Your savings can subsidize your membership!

Q: Is Dr. Lewis certified by the American Board of Family Medicine?

A: Yes, he is certified.