Dr. Jenniffer Lewis, Ph.D.



Being a psychologist allows me the privilege to participate in and witness the inspiring process of my clients as they journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Therapy is not just for those individuals in deep despair or experiencing serious mental illness. If you are human, have a family of origin, and life experience up until this point, you qualify! Our unique pasts come with opportunities for growth through hard work, self confrontation, and the courage to face whatever pain follows you into the office. Rather than avoiding pain, facing it can be a path to reaching full potential.

I treat a wide variety of issues with an integrative and individually tailored approach. I have additional training in treating LGBTQ issues, men’s issues, sexual desire and intimacy issues.

I do not view most presenting issues as pathological, but rather, an expected and perfectly understandable reaction/outcome to life’s many challenges. I am passionate about my work and feel privileged to accompany individuals as they grow themselves and deepen their relationships with self and others.  jenniffer@jennifferlewisphd.com  or go to my personal website here: www.jennifferlewisphd.com

Contact Info

Phone :   818-486-6750
Email : jenniffer@jennifferlewisphd.com