Reiki Master Teacher


Marcia Stoeckel, RMT stands for Reiki Master Teacher (Third Degree Reiki Master.)  Early on, she was referred to as the Reiki Redhead, and the nickname just stuck.  This is how she got started:“I first experienced Reiki back in 2006 when a friend asked if I would allow her to practice energy work on me.  I agreed as a favor to her, full of judgment and resistance because I knew it wasn’t going to result in anything.  How good it is to be wrong!  I was blown away by the real, tangible experience of transformation.  How could it be non-invasive and effective at the same time?  I had to know more.I began my studies with Beatriz Perman shortly after.  In a gentle, but direct manner, she let me know that I would have to make some lifestyle changes in order for us to begin serious work together.  I was committed to the path, so I began a process of cleaning up my food, drink, finances and relationships.  Gradually, with fits and starts, healthier attitudes and practices began to replace my old habits.  Reiki was instrumental in facilitating these positive changes.  It is a path that continues to bless me to this day.

I began seeing clients, slowly at first.  Their individual experiences were varied but with some common themes.  Everyone raved about how blissful they felt after their Reiki treatment.  Clients reported positive, sometimes miraculous results around health, financial flow and creativity.  Solutions seemed to present themselves out of nowhere as the Reiki began to unfold in their lives.  It is a beautiful and humbling thing to witness.

I can honestly say that Reiki changed my life!”

– Marcia Stoeckel, RMT


What does a reiki session feel like?

As Reiki energies flow between the practitioner and client during the Reiki session, the two bodies may respond or react with particular sensations. Those sensations are nearly always pleasant. You may feel heat, warmth, cold, subtleness, steadfastness, or forcefulness. The fact that you can feel Reiki flowing, whether you are giving or receiving it, is verification that the energy is being welcomed.

Reiki works like a thermostat that regulates the body. Much like a furnace that automatically turns on and off to regulate the temperature, Reiki flows slowly or rapidly -as needed– to dispense balancing energies. Like a pendulum swinging back and forth, Reiki sometimes moves erratically, other times smoothly. These fluctuations of ki energy churning within us can often be felt as pins-and-needles tingling, hot flashes, goose bumps, chills, throbbing, etc.

During a Reiki treatment, both the Reiki practitioner and the client may feel Reiki sensations. A practitioner’s hands will often heat up as a result of the flow coursing through her palms. The client frequently feels sleepy and yawns repeatedly as incoming Reiki energies soothe and calm pent-up emotional tension and stress.

You may experience any of the following sensations during a Reiki session: heat or coolness, pins-and-needle tingling, vibrational buzzing, electrical sparks, numbness, throbbing, itchiness, and sleepiness.

Some people are very in tune with their bodies, and share fantastic stories about feeling the different sensations that occur while receiving Reiki. They talk about experiencing imagery, kinesthesia, and/or inner voices during the Reiki session. Some people will simply feel a sense of calm, as the body relaxes and mind-chatter gives way to a state of peaceful repose. All experiences are valid. The Reiki always goes where it is most needed.

What are the Fees?

The following are single client rates for sessions paid in full at one time.

Please allow 75 minutes for sessions.

One session $100

Two sessions $180

Three sessions $255

Four sessions $320


What are the health benefits?

deep relaxation which aids the body in releasing stress and tension

natural acceleration of the body’s self-healing abilities

decreased insomnia

lower blood pressure

relief from addictions

relief from chronic pain

removal of energy blockages

increased balance and harmony

clearing of toxins

immune system support

increased vitality and postponed aging

higher vibrational frequency of the body

spiritual growth and emotional clearing

support through the grief process



Monday9:00AM - 5:00PM